After owning my business for 22 years, I have been struggling with a decision since mid way through last wreath season. It was not a question that I wanted to answer, but I had to face reality. It pains me to have to tell you, my loyal customers, that I cannot continue to operate. Putting it bluntly, shipping expenses have become too exorbitant. My shipping cost increased last year by more than 27%. My average wreath shipping cost that we sent out to you, your friends and relatives was approximately $18.00 to $20.00 each,  and we charged you only $11.25 for shipping.  I felt you should know the reason for my decision out of respect for each of you. I do still have parts of my web page open for you, such as the styles of wreaths, but the most important is the address book which as you know has the wreaths you ordered to whom you sent it, their address and your gift message to them. I have a long history with many of you. You know my love for this business and what it means to me emotionally; so with great sadness I have to say farewell.

Very respectfully,


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