Dear Friends,

Again, another year has just flown by!  Fall holiday season is almost here as well as wreath season; it seems the older we get, time seems to go much faster.  We've had some very nice weather this year.  There was not an abundance of snow or cold this past winter; the spring and summer seasons were full of sunshine as well as just the right amount of rain, as opposed to the majority of our wonderful country where so many suffered severe drought conditions.   The fall foliage is starting to become spectacular, beautiful as well as sometimes breathtaking, and always humbling.  The nights are cooler and it is getting darker earlier.  These changes of the seasons along with the changing leaves always trigger the desire to reconnect again with our old customers and get to know our new ones. We truly hope it's been a wonderful year for all of you.
Well, this will be the first year that we will not physically send our brochures through the postal system.  This is our attempt to continue on a greener approach to business.  I know we may lose some of our customers because of this decision, but I feel compelled to do this.  All of you are important to us, as is trying to do our part for the environment. We hope you understand, support, and value our wishes as we go green.  We will be happy to receive your feedback on this, as well as any other thoughts you may have for us. As we get to know your thoughts and concerns about our practices, products, or service, we can become a better and stronger company for all of you as well as for us.  If you choose to call or fax your order into us please remember to give us your e-mail address so we can send a reminder to you for next year.
Thank you for being one of our wonderful and loyal customers. You are the reason we enjoy our business and embrace the approaching season each year. We look forward to continuing the conversations and relationships with each of you. Godspeed and safety to all our friends, old and new.


David R. Bolduc

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